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s4bb 10-09-2007 04:08 AM

25% OFF on S4BB Limited products at
It seems there is a huge interest on software that helps us make the life easier with our BlackBerry!

So we were able to get a 25% discount code from the MobileSoftMarket team. There are some BlackBerry applications we can recommend and you can get them 25% discounted!

NextAction!: The probably best productivity / self-improvement / GTD application for your BlackBerry Wireless Handheld. Which has already been reviewed along with a lot of task applications on several sites and the result was that NextAction! is the best choice! Check it out!

BlackBerry Web Video Generator: Convert YouTube videos to a format your BlackBerry understands! This Microsoft Windows XP / Vista desktop program can convert YouTube videos to formats your BlackBerry Curve, Pearl and 88xx series understands. Check it out!

BerryDialer: This is a fancy little tool for your BlackBerry which can save you a lot of money. You can set up to 100 calling cards using it. You can save about 90% of expenses on international calls! Check it out!

BlackBerry MP3 Ringtone Generator: This seems to be the hottest BlackBerry application since the possibility of changing the ring tone of your BlackBerry. You can create as many ring tones as you want and upload them onto a web server to download them directly to your BlackBerry (service is free). Or you can store the ringtones directly on your BlackBerry. Check it out!


25% OFF at MobileSoftMarket.

Code: 64KJ9X (can be entered at the end of the purchase process and is valid before 2007-10-31)

(Tip: This discount code can be used for all other products at the shop)

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