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PaulPoker 05-08-2009 03:43 AM

SE: BES Admin seeking work
I'm a Blackberry Admin managing BES 4.1 with 170 Users. I'm seeking to find new work as a Blackberry admin and I'm willing to consider offers

Area of Expertise :
I've been in a mixed of IT roles over the last 11 years. Ranging from Desktop Support, Help desk Analysis, IT consultant to Messaging Administrator I am today. I deal with AD, Exchange, Exim, Postfix, MIMESweeper, Enterprise Vault, BES Solution and have knowledge of Windows Mobile platforms too.

Education :
10 GCES's

Experience :

- I have over 10 years hands on experience of working in a troubleshooting environment.
- 3 Years Expereince of BES - Handsets we have used are, 7290, 8700, 8800, 8820, 8100, 8120, 8900, 9000

I've worked with,
- Exchange 2000 and 2003
- Windows 95,98,2000,XP,Vista
- Windows server NT,2000, 2003 Enterprise,
- Postfix and Exim4
- MIMESweeper
- SurfControl
To name a few

Salary Requested :
I'm looking for something in the region of 29,000-32,000

but willing to discuss any sensible offer

Conditions :

It would be ideal to be based in the South West of the UK (I'm currently in Bristol in the UK)

Willing to Relocate?

Again this would depend on what the offer was and what is included. It's not out of the question for me to relocate.

Contact :

please contact me via this thread or my contact details in my profile.


I have a full CV which can be emailed if required please ask

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