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Exclamation SE:looking for Blackberry Development Job...

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Seeking Blackberry application developmet and integration , and hope to get good position to add value to my long 8 years experience ...

Omar Atia Middle east -Lebanon- Mobile:+9613001294

Married with one daughter ...

Currently : Functional and Integration Consultant at Internationl turn Key system based in lebanon ME.

Area of Expertise :

Windows9x, UNIX admin, security and cryptography, Networking Server /Clients. Unix Network programming in C. shell scripting (KSH)

Programming languages: Visual C++, C language (Expert),ProC, Perl (basics), Oracle SQL, Matlab, C for PIC microcontroller, Linux programming in C. Assembly 80x86 and above, Java j2EE JSF and JSP, JSF , ADF business components, .NET framework , C# web services and Forms , Java Web services and proxies , ,eclipse BlackBerry plugin…

Good knowledge in SOA, BPELs, Installation and deployment

oracle application server ,oc4j containers , tomcat containers , web service security over BB

Education :

Graduated in 2003 fron Bairut Arab university , electrical and communication engineer...

Experience :

8 years experience in telecom areas (provisioning mediation integration etcc ...below is my project involvment :

Project Involvement:

Zain touch and Zain Nigeria Celtel:

• Implementing and configuration of the whole NRTRDE solution by managing all CDRs scenarios by integrating NRTRDE engine with our mediation system , for the two processes NRTRDE IN and NRTRDE OUT encoding and decoding of the OUT-IN files respectively . (site is already LIVE with the solution) .

MTC touch billing system upgrade project:

• Team Leader and update of modules (Mediation, roaming (TAPIN, TAPOUT), NRTRDE engine, Provisioning and IN integration to newer version TABS6.11.2).
• Interfacing Q3 CMISE with Siemens switches by Implementing and developing some of the commands used to send to switch like CLIPOVER and CACCRES=UTRAN&GERAN, debugging the commands sent and response received using oci_trace command…
• Communicating with Siemens CHRISXPRESS using Corba interface by developing a client in order to communicate with it.

Zain Celtel:

• Develop rating simulator to process rated calls and taxation fields for E/// switches.
• Developing Camel process to be able to integrate roaming TAPIN files with E/// Zain Celtel.
• Developing Adjustment process in order to integrate and send TAPIN info to E///.


• Upgrading from old mediation system to newer one MED6.11 by developing and adding more features to the mediation process such as output format etc.
• Working on XDK on oracle DB to parse XML and generate the output on an ASCII file for Upgrading MTN-Yemen remotely.

Zain KSA:

• Mediating most of the switches such as Nokia Siemens ,IN switches ,smart trust
• Roaming module from generating roaming files till the end of process generating TAPOUT files and the same for invoicing TAPIN (testing with the customer).

Wateen WiMax Project:

• Implementation and configuration for WiMax application.
• Working on Provisioning (AAA MPS Gaming most of Motorola network elements) and mediation of the required CDRs.
• Analyzing and testing some rating and billing scenarios for Wateen .

EMTS –Nigeria:
• Developing a java gateway (Broker) to communicate with ALM web service.

• Developing a java gateway to communicate with RIM Blackberry.

Professional experience:

• International Turnkey Systems ( June 2003-till current date)
- Functional Consultant.

• Theoretical and practical Training at OGERO( Land Line company)
xxx61550; - Internetworking.
xxx61550; - Smart Card applications.
• Future TV: connecting microwave link between two sites.
• Working as software developer/Implementer for a Billing system in International turnkey system (Kuwaiti Company) starting in 17-June-2003
• Implementing Reject and Return module for two sites LibanCell MTC VK.
• Developing software to build roaming DB using ASN and XML.
• R&D: Developing TAP3 engine.
• Implementing Motorola Edge-GPRS CDR for MTC-VK (mediation) .
• Using PLSQL scripts for XML parsing for Yemen.
• Developing mediation engine for convergent billing, diameter protocol (decoding engine)
… in DUBAI.
• Working on migrating program for mediation Setup (Pro*c program) in 2006.
• Working with JSPs and JSF.
• Current responsiability : leading 2nd line support team and managing part of the implementation team for the following modules :
a- Mediation .
b- Rating .
c- Roaming .
d- Billing .
e- NRT .
f- Real time Convergent charging .
• Simulatation and testing for RTCC product developed by ITS ,by analyzing a charging events like Voice call SMS and GPRS .
• Provisining of RTCC product by adding services and adding and remvoing subscribers etc…provisining was done through a gateway or broker that communicates with RTCC web service .
• Real time rating after authorizing the call and generating a CDR by communicating to rating webservice .
• Using seagull to generate events .
• Using HP SCP to control real calls and communicating with RTCC with diameter protocal
• Doing the setup for product and services for RTCC.
• Developing a software which are able to encrypt SQL PLUS sessions using C and C++ and windows API.
• Developing SMS-handler to response to any SMS request for educational purposes using smpp protocol and webservices.
• Developing http gateway to transfer http request to CDR to be rated by rating engine .
• Developing Q3 interface to support 3G for 2G subscribers in syriatel , using Q3 mmlmain interface.
• Managing 2nd line support team by understanding the procedures and processes of support cycle.
• Managing a Development team TO/TC process , CR designs and proposed solutions .
• Developing BlackBerry GPS logging application that send data to remote server and log coordinates for the Blackberry device , using Java ,eclipse and BlackBerry APIs as well as .NET web service that recieves requests from Blackberry device and log coordinates.
• Developing BlackBerry Task management solution for assigining Tasks on web logic server and updating tasks remotly from BlackBerry device .
• Integration of BlackBerry Task management application with Google Maps to show the coordinates on the map after being fetched using a web service from remote server to show the place a resource is heading to work on his task.
• Task management application developed for Black Berry device using soap/http to communicate with .NET web service to update DataBase for logging and Tasks updates.
• Sending SMS and E-mails from Task Management front end client application.

Salary Requested :


Conditions :


Willing to Relocate?

Yes any where , where there is RIM and blackberry

Contact :

Mobile:+9613001294 , e-mail


since one year I have started development in BB using eclipse plugin and i have done many application on BB device (API 5.00 and API 4.6), I'm also doing many integartions with web services , ESB , google maps .... I'm looking for intresting Job with Good salary , it should hve great ideas to be devloped , creativity in the job is a must .
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Default BlackBerry experience in details.....

In addition to the above CV , i have also worked on the followig :

1-ADF mobile client for oracle on Blackberry design and tutorials

2-Connecting to secure Java web server which runs on SSL from Blackberry device along with authentication (header authentication)...

3-Working on Blackberry service book APIs.

4- Sending SMS from BlackBerry device using datagram API.

5-Bar code reader : reading QR bar codes decode it and run any service or connect to any URL which has been added to the QR code ...

6-Running and studying Message list demp inside the samples on JDE 5.00

7-Integrating Task managment system on Blackberry with BlacBerry e-mail application so a task would be pushed on your e-mail and you can update it remotly using Wap service (to save money and not to go for Alliance program).
8-Working with menu items and UIapplications , popup screens and main screens , threads tc....

9-Working on oracle lite DB and Mobile server to synchronize DB on Oracle lite DB with on device (BlackBerry DB) using sqlite and sync client from oracle.

10-Running DB application which used on device (blackBerry DB).

11-Using signing tools to sign BB applications.

12-Working with third parties Jar file and preverify them using JDE 5.00 and 4.6.

13- Testing with MDS and most of the latest BB simualtors which covers API5.00 and API4.6

14 - Working with eclipse plugin for BB API 5.00 and API 4.6 as well as JDE 5.00

again if you want to reach me call me +9613001294 (lebanon Middle east)...
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Post Re: SE:looking for Blackberry Development Job...

Adding to the above :

1- developing GPS logging application on Nokia device E71 ,E72 , to call same BB web service in the above thread...and it uses Ksoap library ...
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Default Re: SE:looking for Blackberry Development Job...

1- Developing algorithm to extract Ki from sim card in order to clone it , source code is available ....algorithm is based on birthday paradox , two different input has the same A3A8 algorithm generated output (COLLISIONS OCCURS), if you want the algorithm source code so please call +9613001294 , OMAR ATIA8 -) Thanks....

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