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At 17, he/she is still "underage" in most states and considered a juvenile (a.k.a. child). If he or she acts like a child, then they are.
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I understand the whole "18" you're an adult, but at 17 I'm pretty sure you know the difference between right and wrong.

Will they be able to sue, absolutely, if you can think of it you can sue. Is it right, not in my opinion.
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Interesting how 18 is considered a legal adult, yet, kids as young as 13 are tried as adults for violent crimes.

Teen arraigned as adult on murder | WOOD TV8

So if a kid isn't responsible for their actions until they are 18, how can we try a kid for murder as an adult at 13?
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Originally Posted by juwaack68 View Post
So if a kid isn't responsible for their actions until they are 18, how can we try a kid for murder as an adult at 13?
Asked my DH about this.

Apparently - at least in Ohio - if a juvenile is between the ages of 13 and 17 and if he commits a certain type of crime (think brutally violent), then the judge must automatically try him as an adult because of statutes that require it.

Basically there have been cases in the past where a young person committed murder/rape/some other violent offense, and got 2 years or less because they were a juvenile, and then went on to reoffend as soon as they were released. And the public became outraged and passed laws forcing longer (read: adult) sentences for juveniles who commit those specific violent acts.

There are also cases where a judge can choose to send a non-violent juvenile through adult courts if he's a repeat offender (drugs, theft, etc.) who has already been through juvee a few times and it's had no effect thus far.
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the sschool should not of let him go!
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What if he sneaks out?
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I agree the kid and parents are responsible. If the school tried to forcefully detain/restrain him, parents would probably try to sue them for that too. Anything to not take responsibililty themselves...
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After thinking about this I would think the state truency laws would make the parents responsible. They should be suing themselves.
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States and cities can have all the laws and rules they want. Who really respects laws and rules in the end? If we disagree with them, we do not abide by them. This young man made the decision to leave and got in an accident that took his life. It's sad, but he made the decision and he paid the price.

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I seriously can not see how the school is at fault.

1. The school can not forcefully detain the kid or put their hands on him..

2. Was the kid a Junior or a Senior? When I was in high school, seniors were free to go and leave campus for lunch or when their classes were finished.. In my senior year I left early because I did not have a full day of classes.. (No Need to, I had all my credits ahead of schedule )

3. Who's fault was it? (the accident, if a 17 year old is not mature enough to stay in school, I doubt his driving was any better)
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Wirelessly posted

I believe that it is the fault of the student and his parents!

However, I am pretty sure that most campuses are closed, for the saftey of students. Pretty sure that has happened since Columbine. I would have to agree that the parents are just trying to find someone to blame, which is a shame! Which brings up another point, if the student were going to a job that they received credits for and was killed in the accident would the school be to blame?

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Fault lies on the school.

From the time the first bell rights, to the time the last bell rights, the school is responsable for its students. I don't know about this school, but at my school we have gates that block the entry/exit of the student lot. If the reason you give to get out sounds not 100% legit, they dont open the gate. Plus, you need to have a pass to even get out past the athletic desk.

Say what you want about the kid being a ditz and not staying in school, but it is the schools fault that he was able to leave so easily.
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Originally Posted by JSanders View Post
The kid is responsible. It's not a prison, it's a school.

Which way does the barbed wire on the surrounding school fence face, inward or outward?
The school may take some liability. Especially, if kid was a chronic truant and the school sought no remedies. I would need more info
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