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I dont see what's so great about the 7130e... the only reason why i appreciate my blackberry so much is because of the fact that i dont need predictive text to type out my e-mails. I didnt really like the idea of... two letters being shared on each key... heck, i didnt like it when phones shared three to four letters on each key... i feel that its almost like they've gone backwards. The design is great... but why not keep the 'single letter per key' form factor? Just like the samsung i730 or the Palm Treo 700w?

I love the blackberry 7250 and would only push it aside... for another BLACKBERRY device that has the same type of qwerty keyboard... but with more features... of course.

I hope that RIM doesnt chose to get rid of this feature of the original blackberries.

Hm... as i've heard however, RIM is passing the OS over to palm... resulting in palm... probably keeping the treo 600-650-700w keyboard. Meh... not as great as the 72xx keyboard... but i'll live.

Ha... just realized that they got this info from us over here at BBForums

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