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Default re: How to use the Native Bluetooth Drivers with Most Bluetooth Adapters


I am a new BB owner and the Pearl is my first of what could be a long term devotion. I am in the field all the time, and it has really been helpful to receive my emails throughout the day as it is relevant to many issues I am managing day to day. I would prefer a BB 7130 (like the Cingular or Vodafone) with an micro SD slot and trackball. That would fetch me in but quick.

I was experiencing the same frustration as all the others. I knew that I needed to use any drivers embedded in WinPak2 to get this to work, and not those that came with the Kensington Dongle. Following your instructions to the letter <or character> I found I was able to get my BB Desktop's Bluetooth menu to become accessible and see my BB Pearl.

When I found the pid strings in device manager, I only installed one in the drivers file, and this revealed some progress, but didn't get me to the goal line. When I installed both pid strings, this did the trick. I also quite the BB Desktop Manager and restarted it first.

Thanks for the great insight into this issue!
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