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Default Re: Rumored CDMA BBs for Verizon

Originally Posted by JayInNJ View Post
I have been eligible for a refresh since November, now my Storm (1) won't charge and I have to remove the battery to an external charger. I have been waiting to replace this till a new BB comes out similar to the Torch or even Storm 3, however, if nothing comes out by the time the iPhone 5 comes this summer I am going to have to leave BB. I originally set a deadline of this March, but it looks like I might have to wait a bit longer since nothing good has come out on Verizon. RIM has not brought anything new to Verizon with a touch screen in a year and a half, that is not the way to compete with Android and Apple.
I know how you feel. I'm still on an 8330 Curve and it's pretty limited compared to some of the new stuff that's out there now. I wasn't impressed with the Bold 9650 due to the signal and battery issues when it came out so I've been holding on for the next stage so to speak (perhaps an LTE version) but they are really taking a long long time to release new products. I figure Q3 there should be something (Dakota, Montana, or was it Monaco? - I can't remember exactly) but I guess time will tell. Zzzzz!
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