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Originally Posted by AlanM View Post
The cab ride comes to mind.

Darth, assuming all goes well, I'll at least have Monday for some House of Mouse touring (of course I could add some visits if I'm able to talk my way into some more tickets again).
Oh yeah, I'm down with the Mouseness for Monday with ya. We'll coordinate as it gets closer.

As for hotel/WES Registration/Flight.... all reserved!
Couldn't get into the hotel when I called yesterday for 5/12-5/15, but a few strongly worded phone calls to some people, and now I'm reserved form 5/10-5/17.
Registered for the Conference too. Disappointed there is not going to be any Domino BES Administrator Certification, but maybe it will be added at a later date and I can add it.
Thought my flight was going to be in the $250 range, but got a great one for $159 on the exact date/time I wanted.
The only way this can get any more perfect is if I win some kind of grand prize at one of the carrier parties. Oh wait... LOL

Still doing a shout out for anybody who wants to go to see Blue Man Group at Universal Studios on Sunday evening. I beleive Poncho Seats are still available.
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