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Originally Posted by jletendre View Post
Thanks for the feedback guys. So the labs will likely not have BES 4.1 SP5 or a beta of 5.0 installed? or are the machines you can config as needed??
Wouldnt count on 4.1.5 in the Labs. They are usually just a standard machine with Exchange/Domino/Groupwise and the BlackBerry Manager. No users, groups, software configs... anything. You can do what you want. When you get done, they prolly ghost the machine back to default for the next chimp that sits down.

Originally Posted by jletendre View Post
Looks like I'll be at Doubletree unless I land a room at the host site but it looks booked along with the hilton!
They gave me the same run-around 24 hours after registration opened. I tried to get a room, but they were "booked up." A few strongly worded phone calls placed to some key individuals and 2 hours later, I'm registered at the host hotel beginning and ending exactly when I wanted. Plus being a Marriott Rewards member helped I think. "We're very sorry Mr. DarthBBerry. Yes, Mr. DarthBBerry. We'll get you a room right away, Mr. DarthBBerry."

Ah, the power of the Jedi Mind Trick. Works every time.
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