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Default Got Media Manager On The Laptop But Not The Desktop

OK, thought I’d update you on where this adventure has taken me.

First, I’ll say that I decided to load 4.3 on my Dell XPS/Vista/Laptop. A sweet machine. Anyway, of course, this is the last thing one would think after all my posts (including all the ones prior to the server crash.)

Well, I didn’t have a single problem! 4.3 downloaded and Media Manager had a link in Desktop Manager. I should be jumping for joy, but there’s STILL the matter of my desktop. (More to come on that.) As far as the laptop, all went well and at least there’s a way to keep a calendar and get some music on the 8310. (Music on the 8310 is important because of a project I’m working on. It’s easier to listen to music sent to my Curve than to a Curve then off-loading it an iPod. You get my drift. The Curve has the power to handle to music, it’s a phone -- keeps it simple all on one device – at least, for preliminary music sharing for the project.) So, for now, until I can get the desktop to get MEDIA MANAGER to exist, I’ll rely on the laptop.

Since the fiascos with 4.2.2 on the desktop, I decided to shoot for 4.3. Why not shoot for the moon, when you’re sinking in the muck of an installation onto a desktop that just won’t happen. Happily, it installed WITHOUT MEDIA MANAGER mind you, but I, at least, have another computer, my principal one, the desktop, where I can keep another calendar to complement the laptop. BUT NO MEDIA MANAGER.

Question for BOUNCE IIII. Taken from your post:

[BOUNCEIIII] I downloaded the latest BlackBerry desktop software from I downloaded the English version with media manager.

That gives you an .exe file, which is a self-extracting archive.

Use WinZip to unzip the .exe file to a folder. Browse to the SR_MM directory and you'll find "Roxio Media Manager.msi".

The next time you are asked for the location of Roxio Media Manager.msi, click browse, and browse to the file that you extracted above. Let it install, reboot when it's done, and you should be good to go.

1) BounceIIII, when I downloaded the 4.3, I didn’t find a download that was an English version. It was Multilanguage. I did go to BlackBerry’s site, but ended up with ATT’s version.

2) The file was an “.exe” for 4.3. I’m confused whether or not there was another “.exe” to which you refer.

3) From what was unzipped in my installation, I cannot find what you mention: Roxio Media Manager.msi

Now, remember I’m working with Vista. It’s definitely different than XP. Searching in Vista is DIFFERENT and I’m not all that positive in saying so. I haven’t manually tried to find this file, but will try. Searching in Vista means you search “Everywhere” or what’s been “Indexed.” At any rate, no .msi file..

In addition to BounceIIII, anyone out there with a similar problem that has a solution. i.e., installing 4.2.2 or 4.3 and actually getting Media Manager to appear and be operable so that you can deal with music and photos on your device????

RIM. ARE YOU LISTENING?? Can YOU help? We love your devices, but you’re nowhere to be seen after the purchase.
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