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Exclamation Roxio Media Player Still Won't Install After Forever

Before the forum crashed not long ago, I was also trying to get my 8310 Curve synced to my desktop Ė including getting the Roxio Media Player to run. I got several suggestions: install only as an administrator, make sure no firewall or virus protection was running, etc.

Miraculously, on an attempt some two weeks after trying, I was able to get 4.2.2 installed so I could AT LEAST sync my address book, contacts, etc. However, MEDIA PLAYER never showed up in my Desktop Manager.

I am still at a loss what to do and feel the complete idiot. I even reformatted my DELL XPS hard drive hoping it would solve the Windows loader error message I was getting at the last moments of installation of BlackBerry OS. No luck Ė and what a mess trying to get everything back to where it was on the 300g hard drive.

There must be a forum manager, a BlackBerry expert, or SOMEONE who can help with the simple installation of 4.2.2 or 4.3 or whatever is available and workable for us NON-newbies, but absolutely frustrated users. I hated to even mess with my friendís iPhone this weekend because I figured this was the Smart phone I would now have to migrate to. I abhor them (except the web browsing), but it seems to have the features Iím going to have to rely on if I have to dump this piece of junk. (I never thought Iíd call my 8310 that. Just the GPS makes me high.) But this has gone on for far too long, I havenít gotten any help here or at the Wi-Fi forum (or with BlackBerry on the phone) to solve the problem. No one seems to know the mystery of why Media Manager wonít load. Fingers are pointed every which way, especially at Vista, and Iím beginning to think itís not Vista, but BlackBerry not being rigorous in its program development with Vista.

I am afraid to remove what I have on my phone as to end up where I was just a few weeks ago: Every day repeating the same process of removing, reloading, removing, reloading, and yet, never getting Media Manager to work Ė and afraid I wouldnít have simple syncing around anymore either. I use this for business and must count on it. I must count on a device that works. (Media Manager must also work as I'm in the final stages of a musical and must hear music sent on a daily basis, which I want to take with me.)

Life was just fine with my 8300, my 8700. What the heck is going on? Can anyone help out there? Iíd sure as heck appreciate any new insight(s). I mean, should I just say goodbye to the BlackBerry as my platform/Smartphone of choice and look elsewhere? It just canít be this difficult.

Thanks guys and gals.
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