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Originally Posted by takeshi View Post
(edited for focus)The SIM card is separate from the BB in that regard. The BB doesn't really use the SIM for much of anything so it shouldn't be surprising that there aren't sophisticated SIM tools on the BB.
Sorry Takeshi. But are you NUTS?! the SIM card is the gateway to ALL things the BB is capable of.
1> Phone Number
2> Services that the phone plan is setup for on the switch according to IMSI
3> Missing services on the switch are shown up in LIVE view on the BB unit.
NOTE:> Push Services if not provisioned on the switch your your SIM/IMSI not gonna work on your BB or any other GSM core based device.

I thought you knew all of this, and as such would not make such a common wide sweeping general statement like you did. Shocking j/k.

It is VERY surprising that the BB doesn't utilize the core function of the SIM card database. But then again its not based on security, because the same failings (inability to mass save all contacts to sim, erase sim wide sweeping) are on the Danger/Tmobile Sidekick. Current 32k (old)/64k SIM cards - the most common don't have the ability to save so much contact information we're used to in BB units. Sure other phone manufacturers found a work around buts its still messy.

ie SonyEricsson
(cleanest I've seen yet)
Typical/w (for WOrk contact)
Typical/h (for Home contact)
Typical/e (for Email contact)
[email address]

I'm wondering if in OS 5 this will ALL change if it supports N.A. 3G along with newer use of USIM cards with more than 100MB memory within them.

However Delete ALL from SIM is a basic function & should be there.
I'd like to see a "copy to Media Card" function here though, with a possible GAB (OutlooK) name listing restriction from the BES, even if user saved the Surname, First name to the contacts listing in outlook it will not take it. And thus since the Media Card is encrypted can be secure for the company as well.
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