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Default Re: Win Extra Spending Dough in BBF's "12 Days of Christmas" Giveaway!

I've never been a really good gift-giver, but there is one that I definitely got right. The last few years have been very tough on my sister and brother-in-law financially since he got out of the Navy. During these years, I've generally tried to give them things that would either meet a need they had or provide them with some diversion. My nephews had both been attending a private pre-school that focused on developing artistic ability and creativity. Last year, my youngest nephew (aged 4 at the time) was in his last year there, and my sister had finally reached the point where the school would have to be removed from the budget. My nephew really loved the place, and when my sister had to explain to him that he may not be able to go for the last 5 months (January-May), he was apparently quite heartbroken. She asked me if I could possibly pay for a month or two, and she would try to figure the rest out. I decided that I would pay for the whole thing as I was financially able to do so and I felt very strongly that he should continue at that school. I told her that I probably could do it, asked her how much it was a month and asked for the address of the school so that I could send them a check directly through my bank's bill paying system. I didn't tell her that I had paid for the whole thing, but they apparently called and asked her about the check because of the amount, which gave her a great surprise and thrill, and allowed my nephew to carry on as if nothing had happened, which is what I wanted.
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