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Default 7100t=Worst Phone Ever

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I have had many different Blackberries, but the 7100t is the worst phone I have ever owned (cellphone or blackberry). I have had 5 different 7100t's an I will be getting rid of it as soon as can. I am going to cancel my TMobile account and pay the 200 early termination fee because they just do not care. I used to be on a corporate account and had 3 different ones then and now two on my personal account. The first on my personal account was switched out because the background noise and volume issue was just awful, with either 3.8 or any of the 4.0 codes. I am so tired of repeating myself and the volume going in and out. TMobile does not care and they offer no credit or anything, even though I have been going way over my minutes because I cannot hear. It's some what better when I use my HS850, but barely. I get told by everyone I talk to that my phone sounds like a piece of crap. If I want to buy a phone through TMobile, I do not get a new activation discount, so I would pay less to cancel and sign up for new service. I am going to go to Cingular and get away from Blackberries until a new small form factor blackberry comes out that actually works as a phone. I know numerous people have talked about this, but I needed to rant about it myself. I am going to go with the Razr. Such a shame because this device has potential, but man I want to just throw the phone at a brick wall everytime I use it.
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