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Originally Posted by Pharma
Such a shame because this device has potential, but man I want to just throw the phone at a brick wall everytime I use it.
I have had three 7100t's and I feel totally the same way. I LOVE the push email and can't live without it now, but the phone is just such a piece of garbage for me.

The first two unit's microphones went out so that the other person could not hear me at all unless I was using my headset. Though the replacement units fixed the microphone, I also have a laundry list of annoyances. The top two would have to be:
1) Reception is terrible at my home (when all other phones with the same carrier have worked fine)
2) The sound quality is ridiculous. I too have so many people tell me that they can hardly hear me. The noise cancellation seems non-existent.

On top of all of this, T-mobile sends me a letter in the mail telling me that the last unit I turned in was not covered under the warranty, so they would be charging me around 70 bucks for the last replacement hand-set. Seems like a ripoff to me seeing I bought the first handset for $99.

Anyways, I absolutely love the push email and I like the form factor, speakerphone, some of the cool apps (berry411, weather, etc), but this phone really does deserve a good toss across the room.

I am trying my hardest to find a new phone to move to (on any carrier) but I truly have not found anything that I really like that has TRUE push email.

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