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Originally Posted by bperkins
Hmmm. Not so kick ass. EVDO on 7250....good...paying more...bad. Surely they would not increase the BB plan just because it has EVDO. Only benefit would be tether and browsing, but I normally have a Wifi connection and would not need the tethering option.

They will offer a different price plan for tethering. They are hoping to release the software upgrade by the end of this month. Currently the price plan for EVDO data on my Samsung SCH-i730 ($49.95) which is about $10 cheaper then an aircard. Which used to be $30 cheaper then an aircard before the price reduction. I got same rates from an aircard and the i730 so I expect it should be the same with 7250. The 7130 is hoped to be released by the end of Novemeber and it will release with EVDO. It is slightly larger then my 7100t and a little heavier making if feel more solid and less toy like. I did not check to see if what was running the 4.1 OS though. Since getting the i730 I have not been as interested in the Blackberry side of things. I hope to have a user release (last stage of beta testing) of the 7130 soon and if I do I will give more details. This information was gleaned during a meeting with a Manager of Data/PDA group large accounts division from Verizon. Also the reason for the delay on the 7250 software release was because of RIM (at leat in their words) and the stringent testing that Verizon does ith their devices (Think 4 software releases of the 7100t [TMO] versus 1 on the 7250 [Verizon])