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Originally Posted by test
the link is gone...i read somewhere (maybe this site) that it will have built in GPS. Is that just for third party apps or did anyone notice an app on that description page? how does the 7520 handle gps (if thats the right model...nextels)
The 7520 does have GPS (And PTT for that matter) along with the new 7100.. The nextel models have a different GPS reciever in them then most cell phones, it's an AGPS reciever that allows quicker tracking and things like that, it enables the use of programs like TeleNav and such. All of the nextel GPS enabled phones can run TeleNav (Even down to the old i88 and i58)

It doesn't really handle GPS any differently, theres a selection in menu options that reads "Location Based Services" and that's the GPS menu.. When a java app asks for GPS coordinates, you get a pop up to authorize it once or always authorize it.. That's about it...