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Talking Cure to the missing RoxioMediaManager.msi Problem

Originally Posted by goldbergs View Post
Same or similar problem here.
Every time I open desktop manager, I get the following windows installer error message:
"The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable."

"Click OK to try again, or enter an alternate path to a folder containing the installation package 'BlackBerry 7130.msi in the box below."

I have searched my hard drive and that file does not exist.

I have uninstalled desktop manager, downloaded the latest desktop manager s/w and reinstalled. Same problem every time. I am at a brick wall .... h e l p

any ideas
Theres another guy on here that has posted this, so I cannot take the credit for it. I just want to say, I tried his reply and it worked. This is what I did:

1) Downloaded a free copy of Winzip14

2) Installed the Winzip on my PC

3) After installation, the winzip will remain open. If not, go under the Start,then programs and open winzip, clicking on the use evaluation copy unless you want to purchase it.

4) Make sure you have downloaded the latest copy of the Blackberry Desktop Software. At this time it is 501_b030_english.exe. You need to make a directory that you can store the files that winzip is going to extract out of 501_b030_english.exe. I labeled mine Winzip Blackberry Files. Choose whatever is good for you.

5) Going back to the Winzip program, click on open (Make sure it is set to all files instead of zip files at the bottom of the file open box) then go to the directory where you have stored the Blackberry 501.... file and click on the 501_b030_english.exe for winzip to open.

6) When it is done, winzip will have 40 files there and in those files is the RoxioMediaManager.MSI file.

7) This step is what worked for me, if you do something different, it is up to you. I selected all 40 of the files and dragged them into the Winzip Blackberry Files directory that I created earlier. You can do what you want to. You can select just the RoxioMM.MSI file and copy it into a directory for the next steps use.

8) I copied the RoxioMediaManager.MSI file and pasted it into the windows\system32\ directory.

9) When the install box popped up about the missing RMM.MSI file, I directed it to the windows\system32\ directory and it took care of the problem.

My hats off to the guy that originally posted this fix. I tried to be a little more detailed for us not so experienced guys that are equally frustrated with this problem.


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