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Originally Posted by eheffa View Post
Who writes this cr@ppy software? (RIM - give your heads a shake. Just because the corporate weenies in the gray suits still believe your device is best & most secure will not keep you in business forever...)

I have given my BB 9700 to my wife because it couldn't do some of the most basic database tasks that my 8 year old Palm device could handle with ease. She is content to do email & texting along with the phone - not too many demands.

The BB DM installation on my wife's computer brought along this Roxio Malware with it & virtually paralyzed her system. I've eliminated it after some effort using some of the clues & tips provided by this board but is it any wonder people give up & move to a friendlier device like the iPhone? My several months with BB were like going back to DOS or Windows 3.1 ferreting out little program lines that need deleting etc. Good software should not require the user to access their system registry to make it work.

The iPhone is not perfect by a long shot, but it provides me with much more functionality with a lot less in the way of these ridiculous & frustrating technical issues. It just works. In comparison, the BB is quirky & buggy to an extreme. To think that one should have to find un-official builds of the device software, just to fix memory leaks is absurd.

Shame on you RIM. Maybe when your CEO gets the hockey distractions off his desk, he can spend a little time refocusing the company on providing devices & software that actually work for their customers.

I am in the same boat. Uninstalled 6.0 with BB 9800. Did force remove of all Registry entries and folders. Rebooted at every step. Tried to install DM and still Roxio error. I do not want Roxio.

If I cancel the installer, it works, but I cannot sync OUtlook. It gives all kinds of errors. NOt sure if anything to do with it. Installer then gives error 1714. Back to square 1.

But I am sick of it. It is going back to ATT.

RIM is down and out.

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