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Default Re: Future Shop / Best Buy Demo of PlayBook -- Major flaw losing millions of $ for RI

Originally Posted by fourstringfuror View Post
I did not purchase a Playbook when I demo'd it last year, but I can attest to the general ignorance of the Best Buy reps. I blame Best Buy for that, though. If they can't train their floor reps on the very basic functions of a device they want to sell, that's their problem. The only thing they wanted to show me was the racing game that came with it.

I passed the 30-second test, but then I have years of smartphone experience.
Excellent point about store reps and getting RIM to train them. There are people like some of us, who can pass the 30-second test, but let's consider the average Target or Walmart employee too, not just Best Buy and Future Shop. (They sell tablets too)

I think that devices should ideally pass the 30-second test with the average store employee too (inexperienced ones, mass retailers, etc) without needing pre-training. Most store employees never trained by Apple, including those who aren't even Apple-product owners, still are successfully able to show a customer a basic operation such as how to launch an app on an iPad.

Training helps. But it is hard for RIM to expand the market without maximizing the chances people can figure out primary basics (home, launch) within 30 seconds on PlayBook without training -- including store employees.
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