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Originally Posted by ahpitre View Post
Currently AT&T doesn't offer the Z30. Does anyone know if hey plan to?
I spoke to them yesterday, clueless csr had no idea, I told them I like to cancel my service, they connected me to "retention specialist" who had no idea and put me on hold looked up, etc.. I told them I am going to VZ and she said "we have Q10, it's a great BB device" she did not even recommend Z10 until I mention. So I am trying to get a free Z10 now with some add'l discounts on service but they are also offering me LG G2 for $50, so tempting.

I specifically asked her if they will have Z30, she said it seems to be exclusive to VZ and because BB is not doing well (she had the nerve to say that) most carriers may not carry and VZ is just testing the waters now.. She also said "Q10 is great, it's a new smartphone that's first for blackberry".. OK. So if you want to rely on someone like this to determine if they will have Z30 or not, it's your call.
Z30, AT&T

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