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Default BlackBerry Myths Busted! The Modern 2005-Era BlackBerry (for Palm/PocketPC users)

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Note: This is an article that I originally wrote in a Brighthand discussion board, they have an article "New Handheld Killer App" with a debate between PocketPC/Treo/BlackBerry users going on. I have posted the following for PocketPC/Palm users:

BlackBerry Myths

The Modern 2005-era BlackBerry.
(Vastly superior to 2003-era and 2004-era BlackBerries)
There are many myths about BlackBerries not having good image quality and not good for anything except email. That USED to be true.

MYTH: RIM is only good for email
That used to be true, but not anymore. Yes, email is a killer application. RIM used to be very far behind in everything else except a "great wireless email device". But that's no longer true.

MYTH: Blackberry has poor quality screens
That used to be true, but not anymore. If you see one of the newer models (Model 7290, 7250, 7520, or 7100 are the BRIGHT-screen models), you will be impressed at the screen quality which is much more on par with PocketPC's and Palm's today.
Note: Bright-screen 7520 model should not be confused with dim-screen 7510
Note: Bright-screen 7290 model should not be confused with dim-screen 7280

MYTH: BlackBerry has poor PIM
That used to be true, but not anymore. There are several third party PIM's such as PocketDay and eWorks. You now have multiple addresses and categories. Plus, it's faster to update information on a BlackBerry than on a PocketPC/Palm, with tips like BlackBerry Calendar Tricks.

MYTH: BlackBerry can't do Internet apps
Wrong again. That used to be true that you required BES and MDS, but not anymore. Especially with BlackBerryOS4. See Configuring Internet on BlackBerry ... You can even use certain models of BlackBerry as a modem for laptop.

MYTH: BlackBerry does IM poorly
Wrong again. Ignore the crappy 7100 chat client, you can get a great third party program called Verichat, the exact same thing now available for TREO's. Verichat is actually better on a certain model BlackBerry than a TREO too as well, as you can run it for 75 hours nonstop on a single battery charge on a BlackBerry model 7290 (although the other BlackBerry models have shorter battery life). Verichat on BlackBerry is now more superior and more reliable than Sidekick/Hiptop, especially if you have Version 1.91 or later.

MYTH: Not Much BlackBerry Software
That used to be true, but not anymore. There has been a amazing explosion of BlackBerry software in 2004. There are now over 1,000 programs. At the start of 2004, there were only 2 chat programs. Now there's over 20 chat programs today, including several open source BlackBerry projects on SourceForge too! And remember, you can install Nokia/Motorola/Sony/Samsung/Siemens java phone software on a BlackBerry nowadays. That adds thousands of extra software programs on top of the existing BlackBerry software! Java J2ME MIDP 2.0 is now supported in BlackBerryOS4, getting access to the latest cellphone videogames, etc.

For other posts dispelling other BlackBerry myths, see Why BlackBerry and BlackBerry versus Sidekick as well.

Look at what you can *easily* do on a modern BlackBerry:

Verichat (Instant Messaging)
__Trillian-style software from and
__More info in BlackBerry Instant Messaging FAQ

PocketDay (3rd Party AgendaToday clone)
__(CrossRiver Systems)

3rd Party BlackBerry Video Gaming Screenshots
__ .

__ .
__( , , and several others)

BlackBerry Is Now Themable!
__Theme Installation FAQ

Photo Viewing Finally Good Quality
__(GTPhoto, or the BlackBerryOS4 builtin photoviewer)

Word/Excel EDITING Now Possible
__(Dynoplex eWord, Dynoplex eCell, MiniExcel)

Bluetooth GPS is soon Possible!
Later in 2005, even BlackBerries are starting to support Bluetooth GPS
(under development right now - RedSky Mobile, ETA Spring-Summer 2005)

Please, before you start to bash me:

Remember I LOVE MY iPAQ too - I own an iPaq too!
My iPaq is still a superior GPS navigation machine, and a great photo/video viewer that has an SD slot. I have a folding keyboard for the iPaq as well!

You do not have to switch to BlackBerry - each device has its own advantages. BlackBerry may not be for you; you need to research whether BlackBerry is the right device for you. Each to their own.

I am merely DISPELLING a few BlackBerry MYTHS that other people have reported at this time. :D

Mark Rejhon
Mark Rejhon
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