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Originally Posted by Hoppyjr
Beach Bum,

I have a 7250 that I did the Ev-Do upgrade on, in addition to having a 7130. While I have not "measured" the speeds, I can tell you that I find little or no difference between the two. The VZW salesperson doesn't seem to know his own products, as this seems like saying that your PC will run faster if it has a 200mb hard-drive, as opposed to having a 80mb drive - that is just storage and has no bearing on speed.

That all said, I have used both and, while I didn't mind the "sure-type" technology, I do a LOT of e-mailing and I prefer the full keyboard of my 7250. The 7130 definately has a nicer screen and the speakerphone is real nice too, but I use a v3c Razr as my phone and I only use the BB as my data device.

Either way, both of these devices are very good -

Thank you, that is what I wanted to hear. Even though I don't do a lot of emailing per se, I do book a fair amount of appointments on the road and the sure type on my 7100T is a pain when logging streets and people's names that are not common spellings. I probably will miss the screen though. Also, do you find any difference in the two devices ability in opening attachments?