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Default Sprint 'charging $649' for evdo upgrade...

from hope this doesn't influence Verizon to charge for a software upgrade for their firmware-abled evdo device (BB 7250) to realize its full potential...
Update: Many are pointing to DSL Reports mobile speed test results which was the first indication of the PPC-6700. A Sprint branded version of the device has been reporting results in testing there for almost a month, and it does indicate based on Pocket Internet Explorer versions that it is running 4.01, and not the Windows Mobile 5 version of PIE. This does appear to indicate that regardless of hardware that the PPC-6700 will run WM2003SE, and since all post-JAM products run WM5, that the hardware form-factor is existing, and not new.

Sprint customer service representatives today have officially begun to inform consumers of an upcoming product, the PPC-6700. Readers will recall, that we speculated this exact name months ago for the device (Sprint aparrently listens, in the worst of ways).

The PPC-6700 is expected to be a $649 software update to the existing PPC-6600. Currently confirmed is that it will add EV-DO to the device, as well as Windows Media Player 10 (which was previously released in an unofficial update). It is not known if Windows Mobile 5.0 will be included or not. Microsoft has said in the past that no PDA/Phone device will be allowed to updated to WM5, so it is possible that Sprint is circumventing this by releasing a new product.

Sprint has declined to comment multiple times as to if the PPC-6600 will be updated to support EV-DO, an update which our own SPI Labs has confirmed they have had in their possession since before the device launched.

Sprint customer service was told that the device is expected to launch in August, which would mark the release of EV-DO enabled handsets for Sprint and indicates the expected date of a consumer soft launch of EV-DO services.