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Default Re: Music: how does it get into the Torch??

As previously mentioned, you have a couple of choices:

1. Plug in the USB device from your Torch to a PC - you will be prompted to enter Mass Storage Mode so that you can copy and paste music from your PC to the Torch.

2. Download the Desktop Manager and use the synch option from there. I used to avoid using Desktop Manager but the recent releases are nice and they do allow you to synch music you have on your PC (whether you have them on your PC via iTunes or Windows Media).

3. Another new feature is the wireless synch. I haven't played with this yet - but when you use Desktop Manager and you select this option - in the future - if your PC is on and your blackberry is on and they are both on the same wifi network (i.e. wifi at home) - you can access the music on your PC from the blackberry and download it. This is handy when you download music to your PC in the future - you don't have to "connect" the blackberry via a cable to sync music.

My wife has an iPhone and I have a blackberry - the Apple offering has always had a nicer and easier UI - with OS 6 though I find the two comparable.

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