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Default Re: Masked SMS - the app to have some fun :)))

Originally Posted by blackberrized View Post
But how can it be completely for free? Developers work must be paid. Or you think they are doing the job for free ? SMS if they are not a part of your SMS carrier's plan are also not free. So you get the app for free, get a couple sms for free to test the app and if you like it - buy more. I think it is quite fairly...
I really don't care either way. I was responding to another post's question regarding cost. This isn't 1995, and everyone in NA pretty much has included sms/mms/txt messages with their plans (with the exception of PAYG customers). In fact, there are a few, easier ways to spoof your caller ID without paying for an app to do it. Also, I believe with this app the header is changed in some way between the time you send and the time it is received. While I am not too concerned with the dev's private server stripping header information and changing it, I am wary of allowing even more people to view any information from my device.

I am sure there is a small need for an app like this, but just understand that these types of apps (lumped in with Call Recording apps generally are seen in a negative light) and you should expect some backlash about apps like these.
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