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Default Re: BlackBerry Internet - MSN/chat/web/telnet/TCPIP - No BES



I am trying to get my Cingular 7280 to work with Verichat.
What did i do ??
Downloaded OS4.0
Updated handheld.. the version is now 3.7.121 [platform]

There is no Option --> TCP ...

Did I do something wrong? Please advise.

Thank you.


[quote="Mark Rejhon"]How to Configure Full Internet Access On BlackBerry

You are interested, if you want to do any of the following, especially if you are an individual prosumer rather than a big corporate user:
  • Run BES-required Internet software without BES!
  • Instant Messaging, AIM, ICQ, MSN (Verichat, WebMessenger, IM+, etc.)
  • Full HTML web browsing ability (Reqwireless, BlackBerry Browser, etc.)
  • IRC chatting (virca, wlirc, etc.)
  • telnet/ssh (Idokorro, etc.)
  • No BES needed! No MDS needed!
Easy 1-2-3 Instructions:
  1. Upgrade your BlackBerryOS
    You need BlackBerry with OS 3.8 or later. If you have an older version of BlackBerryOS, please Download BlackBerryOS 4.0 and install it on your BlackBerry first.
  2. Configure your BlackBerry & Your Carrier
    On the BlackBerry handheld, go to Options -> TCP
    There is a new option in BlackBerryOS 3.8 and later. Then fill in APN with the provided APN listead in the below post, that is appropriate for your carrier. If no username or password is provided, leave these blank. If only a username is provided, then leave in the password. Also, ignore the Gateway IP address, unless your Blackberry specifically has a textbox to enter the IP address in. "APN" means "Access Point Name".
  3. Run your BlackBerry Internet Software
    Once you have filled this information, your Internet applications should work on your BlackBerry. TCP/IP makes Internet software work, including chat software: Verichat, WebMessenger, IRC, Telnet/SSH, Web browsing, etc.
Occasionally, some applications on the BlackBerry need to have the gateway or APN information entered directly into them. This is not common.

[*]Cingular - Now has TCP/IP; No MDS hosting needed
Go to Options->TCP
APN: isp.cingular
Password: CINGULAR1
Cingular works now, but it is a little tricky to set up at Cingular first by calling them. You have to telephone Cingular and ask for these line items to be added to your Cingular bill, if it does not already show up on your Cingular bill, called "Wireless Internet Express" (WIX for short) and "Wireless Internet Express Data Connect":
These items go by different names in some states, such as California, but essentially you need the same lineitems you would normally have for a regular cellphone for tethering it to a laptop computer. Next, you need to use the proper APN username and APN password as follows, in all uppercase, when you start the "BlackBerry Modem" connection when using Cingular:
Password: CINGULAR1
It is very important to make sure that all the WIX lineitems are already on your bill, including "Wireless Internet Express DATA CONNECT". The last line item required for tethered modem operation with Cingular. Once this is done, then there is no more port blocking anymore! If you do not need modem operation, you do not need the third line item. You may have to telephone Cingular multiple times before you reach a Customer Service Representative that understands how to add these line items.
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