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Originally Posted by mrpg
kill him
If I wouldve had him in the choke hold 5 seconds longer.. he wouldve been KO'd

Originally Posted by SanFrancisco
Well, it is good for parts. What a drag.

My cat seems to be attracted to my Best Skins Ever screen protector. Likes to lick it. Annoying. Causes me to wonder what the Skin is made of.

Another time she was looking at the backlight and all of a sudden batted the phone to where it went flying across the room. Luckily it landed on carpet.

Sidenote: I try not to think of what pets cost me in terms of damage they cause. E.g., I have a $5000 1950's Herman Miller chair that the cat decided to use as a teething device while I was away at the office. Did not notice the handiwork for about a week. Chair is now worth $100. What a drag.

Pardon me, I have to go beat the cat.

wow.. $5k to $100 .. thats horrible..

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