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Default Re: Blackberry PRIV PC access

Originally Posted by NJBlackBerry View Post
I will start off by saying that I don't have a Priv so I can't test this.
Since the Priv is Android (and not OS 10) does Link even play nicely with it?
1) PRIV is not only Android because it is merged with DTEK which is Blackberry antivirus that guard everythig you have on your phone/cloud.

2) To access your PRIV on PC you have to somehow avoid triggering DTEK which is in root of the phone software. BB promotes this as a new security technology, read PRIV webpage.

3) I will put it simply once again for those who will again try to explain to me "how to connect your phone and browse through files" -which is not the root issue here. The issue is that DTEK is guarding files. They are the SU(SuperUser) on this phone.

So when I connect PRIV to my PC, only charging starts on the phone and on my PC in "My Computer", STV-100 appears, which when double-clicked is empty(guarded by DTEK, antivirus guarding your file access from the cloud).

When PRIV was fresh with older software for both the Android OS and DTEK on it, which are always updated simultaneously I have had access to STV-100 in "My Computer", when the phone was freshly released.

Since they started updating, nothing is accessible via PC and only file-communication that can be established, must be done through internet (email, drop box etc).

I would call it either deliberate aggressive new BB+Google policy taking away access from PRIV users, or major xxxx-up from their side.

My PC runs Win 8.1 and lastest updates. Its high end gaming PC. I have also 15+ PC experience so if the issue was easy I like "install drivers, plug-in your phone, run software" I wouldn't post it here on Blackberry forums asking for help.
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