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Default Re: Blackberry PRIV PC access

It is not ordinary phone as all it SuperUser access is well guarded via cloud anti-virus. If you don't see its uniqueness that means you have a lot of homework to do before you gonna grasp the meaning of that software.. not to mention upcoming software innovations.
Show me beside newest Galaxy phone, who else is doing that? Who else is guarding root privileges.
Windows 10 does the same thing, and it is called a spyware because of it. If you or me would release software that works like Win10, that would be well known to call it spyware, we would go to jail for it, but MCsoft is too big for childs play. Schools and other institutions are using it.

Instead of reading NJ useless comments I have found a solution to PRIV issue. Yes you heard me, your contribution to my issue was equal to 0, yet you keep talking :] Typical forum user :O

When phone is connected to the PC via USB cable, there is no indication for it but new options appear when user swipe top-down on the main phone screen and Voilą there is an option to pick from: Charging, File transfer, Photo transfer, and MIDI(use device for MIDI input).
Without changing from default "charging", phone is inaccessible on the PC, when changed to "File transfer" you can access 98% of your files.

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