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Could be the device itself needs to be wiped using JL_CMDR. then reloading the operating system. There are plenty of posts about it! just search for JL_CMDR or Blackberry wipe

Stinsonddog's Blackberry Tips

Search stinsons tips too

Wipe device with JL_CMDR before doing the following

1. Install Desktop Manager (You can skip this if it is already installed)
2. Install firmware package for your device on your pc (You can skip this if it is already installed)
3. Make sure Desktop Manager is not running
4. Start loader.exe for C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research in Motion\AppLoader
5. Click on Next in the Application Loader window
6. Remove the battery from your BB
7. Connect your BB to the USB cable
8. Reinsert the battery
9. The drop down list "Connection:" should now change from COM1 to either USB:UNKNOWN or USB:[BBPIN]. As soon as you see "USB:..." click on Next and Application loader should be able to reconnect to your device. Now you can reload the firmware.

As timing is important for this procedure, it can be possible that you will need to try multiple times Good luck
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