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Mark, you state: 'No BES needed! No MDS needed!'.

I'm at T-Mobile Hungary and I can't get Blackberry service just yet (neither BES nor BWC) but I can get a full-blown GPRS internet plan that works perfect on my Motorola MPX200 (Web, IM, etc).

When I set the same APN/username/password and/or WAP gateway, nothing works. Tunnel can be opened (meaning, username and password are OK) but it seems to time out and I get a 'could not connect' error message. I Tried VeriChat, WebViewer, SSH apps, no go.

How could I troubleshoot my problem and do I need to make any requests from my provider? Better asked: is there any difference how a 'normal' phone (Nokia / Motorola GPRS phones) access GPRS and how the Blackberry does?

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