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Originally Posted by Mark Rejhon
For Hong Kong CSL and Netherlands, it is already listed up there through the "Alternate APNs" link that you see in my first post.

From reading the "Alternate APNs", I can see Hong Kong CSL and Netherlands KPM both use "internet" as the APN. No dot-com, just "internet" with no username and password.
Mark, I'm aware of my provider's APN (it is 'internet', this is for T-Mobile Hungary) and I also have a valid working account (login/password) for this APN. Still, my connections time out without succeeding so I am not able to use the TCP stack to access the internet to use WebViewer or any IM client.

I was wondering how could I troubleshoot my issue and figure out whether it is a problem on my side or on my provider's site. Vodafone Hungary seems listed on although it still might not work without a valid BES too, I haven't tested that.

Any ideas?
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