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Default Re: BlackBerry Web Browser Certificate Rejection and Denial of Service!

Ok so from what I have found it seems like FB is using data from users and doing a lot of tracking even when your not logged on to their sites. They are using places you go to for their marketing sales and have even found ways to open your information using the developers tools in most browsers. If you saw the latest statements from FB on user security and privacy it becomes easy to understand why your having problems with older browsers. FB was nailed because of user privacy and made changes to their software at least what they want people to think they did but it looks like just surface stuff. When people realize they still need information and the site is free it does not take much to realize collecting is still going on. The older browsers are not as easy to manipulate so they cannot use them so they simply block them. JavaScript was intended for developer use. Take a guess why sites tell you it needs updating. Yep, to collect information.

So bottom line is if you don't mind being tracked by FB when your computer is on and even not logged into FB then try to do an update if one exists.

The HTTPS is a higher level of security and is used to encrypt your information. Using HTTPS, the computers agree on a "code" between them, and then they scramble the messages using that "code" so that no one in between can read them. This keeps your information safe from hackers...maybe

Also manufacturers obsolete older phones to sell the new products and generally do not offer OS updates
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