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Originally Posted by bperkins View Post
Yeap this person received their updated device Wednesday afternoon. Believe what you wish. It will be white.
Saying it will is a pretty harsh statement from someone who heard it through the grapevine. got pics to back up your statement?

im not saying it's not possible. but your rumor is no more credible than any other rumor that is in the forum that doesnt have solid substantial proof to back it up.

however, when i get home tomorrow, i'll be happy to post a pic of the at&t branded bold i've used that has the exact color scheme as every other bold out there if you'd like.

EDIT: My fault, when I was making this post, I had forgotten that you said you actually held and played with the unit. So my apologies for that part. However, I still won't believe it till I've seen it. Every type of rumor always comes out shortly before a devices release. And without solid proof, there is no reason or way to filter out the truth from the guesses.

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