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Originally Posted by jbeek View Post
It would be handy to be able to create text files as well ... is that on your list of future items?
Expect it in the next release...

Originally Posted by PDM View Post
* Change "Open File '<filename>'" to "View '<filename>'"
* Change "Open '<filename>' (PlainText Editor)" to "Edit '<filename>' (PlainText Editor)"
Next Release: if BBFileScout is configured that edit is allowed, then "Edit" will be shown instead of "View" (so "open" is gone then)

Originally Posted by PDM View Post
Also, if I click on a WinWord file it does quickly flashes up Word To Go and returns to BBFileScout. I have to then go and switch to Word To Go to view/edit the file. Is it possible to force Word To Go into the foreground (and return to BBFileScout upon closing Word To Go)?
That's a really good question - I have NO CLUE at all why all the '... to Go' apps behaves like this... I have already debugged this quite a long time but did not found a way (yet) to force the just called app to come to front... -> but I'll promise to investigate this further...

Originally Posted by visortgw View Post
Currently, the app opens JAD files as text. Please consider launching the file in order to initiate an installation of the app, as is currently done by the RIM Media app. I will try adding a custom file association...

[NOTE: Custom file association did not resolve the issue. In fact, BBFileScout removed the association to Media following a device reboot.]
... are you sure, that you have pressed the "add association" button? - Since when settings disappear after a reboot, then normally "none" of the settings should survive a reboot (which actually should not be the case at all) = - so can you please double check this?

Originally Posted by Iare Tosevite View Post
OOPS! I managed to crash it when I tried to open this file:


with this error: Uncaught exception: invalid initialvalue

Originally Posted by fkjr2 View Post
Am I missing something - you can't open PDF files even with Repligo Reader installed??
Did you made a custom "file association" for the extension "pdf" in the BBFileScout options ?

Thanks for your feedback guys!
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