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Default device has used 9.5GB of Blackberry data! Blackberry APN question

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So a user on BIS with Vodafone UK has received a huge bill of over 9,000.

The charges are for Blackberry usage, in the UK. He has 500mb of Blackberry data bundled in, anything on top is charged on a per mb basis (still trying to find out the per mb cost)

It turns out that in 30 days they have chewed through 9.5GB of Blackberry data. this is data that has come through the APN not the standard Vodafone UK internet APN which provides general usage.

This means it's not being caused by tethering, or any other method, it must have been transferred by the device. Also the user has mentioned that they have noticed the battery needs charging every 6 to 8 hours which would make sense if it's transferring boatloads of megabytes

I don't have the device yet but I will have it tomorrow to try and diagnose the problem.

checking for any applications installed is the obvious check, however I'm not sure what kind of application would download (and then discard) so much information, even after several hard resets (caused by the battery dying)

Also Can any third party application connect through the Blackberry APN? or does it have to be a verified developer (things like the facebook and google apps etc)

there is no point asking for more information from Voda as this is all traffic through the APN so Voda can't see anything other than traffic coming and going between the handset and the gateway to the Blackberry NOC.

I doubt RIM will provide any information on the data such as destination IP's as they won't even give you the time of day unless it's requested by a carrier.

I have been to the UK NOC I know they control BIS bandwidth very closely, ALL app traffic and browsing goes through their systems.

Finally does anyone know of any applications that can analyse traffic coming in and out of the device, provide information on the process or part of the OS that's requesting traffic?
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