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Default Re: device has used 9.5GB of Blackberry data! Blackberry APN question

The only way to use 9.5gb of data, that I can think of is downloading lots of files (like music) or watching youtube a lot. I can't imagine any app other than a streaming radio app - or youtube that can use that amount of data. Youtube could easily use 5 times that much, if they were watching for a few hours a day. And streaming radio is VERY heavy for data.

So, find out what new apps they've installed and also find out if anyone else has been using the BB.

My son got on mine and used up 2/3 of my data plan in 2 days - only way I knew, was my carrier has a data tracking app that gets pushed to the phone, when you first pop in the SIM card in a fresh OS install.

Sadly, I have not yet found a data tracking app - and it's high time there was one. Built-in.
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