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Default Latest version of facebook has so many problems

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I took fb off my phone for a while and just surfed thru the browser instead but then reinstalled. OK the latest thing i noticed is that there are notifications on the desktop yet nothing in the app itself to check. I figured out by the number that it is friend requests that it is counting. The number is up to 12. This is the amount of friend requests since the last install of the fb app. Anyway within the fb app i have deleted or accepted so they no longer exist in the app. On my desktop computer also they are gone.
Now the next thing where the notifications are in the app itself i cannot 'delete prior' like in the previous version of the app. It was something i could select and could do since i had the fb app but alas no more. i have reinstalled twice with this version or maybe more with no improvement.
I aso noticed that i often have to reboot the phone and do a battery pull. Very annoying as the phone becomes so slow with everything with that app. When the phone did have the app it was way faster. I only have FB, whatsapp, im+free, viber and paypal apps now. I had to reduce them to have some kind of functioning phone.
So if anyone can help with some part of these problems i would be most grateful. Oh someone did tell me on a FB Blackberry help page that i could put the old version of the app on but i tried and tried with no results...couldnt even download the thing because the page would not view or show the link.
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