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Originally Posted by wcl884

I travel back-forth between Singapore and US - and I just have two stupid questions...
1. What kind of plan will you have? Blackberry Internet Service or Enterprise? How much are you paying for it per month?
2. Does this mean there will be awesome accessories at the local Singapore stores? Do you have any 8700-specifc accessories? I'm still waiting for some good accessories
No worries, no question is stupid unless not asked.
I'm subscribing to Unlimited Plan. i.e. SGD$61.95/mth on the data plan alone.
On top of that I have a voice plan, PowerValue 300, i.e SGD$47.25. You can opt for lower voice plan, e.g. PowerValue 80(SGD$19.95/mth ) or PowerValue 100. At the minimum I'm paying SGD$109.20/mth. If I'm on roaming, the value can range from that minimum figure to SGD$150/mth. Well, I don't roam as much as you, I guess.

As for accessories, I have not seen any good stuffs selling in Singapore yet. What type of 8700 specific accessories are you looking for?