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OK the good news is my BB is now working again! Thank you so much. I needed to do the second version of a wipe out because after typing blackberry at the prompt many times nothing happened. The bad news is that the Desktop Manager has disappeared from my computer! I don't know how to get it back so that I can restore my address book! And if it disappeared does that mean my backup has also disappeared?

Another question--since I am so new to BB I would like to find out how to do things like download ringtones, find out my cell phone email address so that I can receive emails without subscribing to the internet service (a friend in Canada just gave me her cell email and I emailed from my computer to her phone and it came through fine without her subscribing to any internet program), and any other conveninet things I can do that don't require internet for the phone--I have a prepaid plan through TIM in Italy, but my phone is unlocked (I'm guessing it still is!) and use T-Mobile prepaid while in the states. If you can direct me to a place to find these things I'd also aprreciate it! Thanks
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