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Default Calendar Entries On Device Being Deleted

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I have a BB 8830 running OS 4.5 with DM 4.7. My laptop is a Vista machine (with all the latest patches).
I upgraded to these versions recently and, after a few glitches, everything was running normal when synching with Outlook 2007.
I have now run into a problem that I used to have with OS 4.2. Here are the symptoms:
- When I go to synch, the CALENDAR entries on the BB device have decreased significantly, from approximately 2500 to around 600 (this used to happen on OS 4.2). When I had 4.2, all I needed to do was tell it to re-synch and it reloaded all the device entries (from Outlook). It was not a solution but at least it was a workaround.
- I tried this same approach (re-synching under OS 4.5) and after about a minute or so, BB DM stopped working and I got an error message saying "Blackberry Desktop Manager has Stopped Working" (which I got the first time I upgraded to OS 4.5 and DM 4.7).
- I deleted all the calendar entries using the DM Backup and Restore/Advanced feature.
- I resynched and the device was again re-loaded with all the entries from Outlook.

Here are my questions:
1) Why do I keep loosing entries on my BB device? I DO have it set to retain FOREVER so that is not the problem.
2) Why does it give me the "Blackberry Desktop Manager has Stopped Working" error message when I tell it to re-synch?

Every day that goes by, I get closer and closer to throwing this 8830 WE out the window.

Thanks for any pointers you can provide.
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