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Default Pearl GPS help

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Hi I'm new to the forums, but I have a problem that's been bothering me lately. When I got my pearl one of the first things I did was figure out the GPS. I used BB maps and got it to work. I also downloaded Google maps and got it to work. But for the past few months every time I try to use my GPS or if I tell a friend with a blackberry how to use their GPS the same thing happens. I use BB maps and click "Start GPS navigation", then I get a message saying "Unable to acquire GPS lock". After that, any more attempts to get BB maps to find a GPS signal results in me exiting the program after it has been sitting in my dash for 15 minutes saying "Searching for satellites".

-I do have the GPS turned on via OPTIONS>ADVANCED OPTIONS>GPS> GPS data source is set to Device GPS and GPS services are set to Location on. These are the only options.
-Every time I've told it to start GPS navigation I have been outside with a clear sky.
-Google maps just says waiting for GPS signal (and before I upgraded to the newer Google maps I could only get the GPS to work by making BB maps find the satellites then opening Google maps).
-I've spoken on the phone with and emailed my carrier (cellular south) and no one knows anything about them blocking the GPS. They just say that the pearl just has a weak transceiver and suggest I stand in a open area at least 10 minutes.
-I have tried various combinations of resetting the phone and turning on and off the GPS with no luck.
-The last time I tried it I: turned the GPS to location off; reset the phone via softreset; walked outside; turned the GPS to location on; opened BB maps; clicked start GPS navigation. Within 1 second it popped up and said "unable to acquire GPS lock.

Very sorry for the long post, I just wanted to make sure I explained the problem and how I've tried to fix it. Thanks in advance to all who offer advice.
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