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Default Re: Goodbye, BlackBerry

Originally Posted by knottyrope View Post
there is no rumor of going out of the smart phone business

the news sites took that out of context from what Chen said

There is a 5 year plan
Any intelligent CEO doing a massive turnaround from a failing business has to look at every part and decide if it should continue. He wasn't misquoted. People just didn't like what he said.

I sat in New York at the enterprise business event 10 days ago "The BlackBerry Experience".

All about eBBM, BES, MDM and BES, Literally five minutes on devices. They know what they have to do. It was a very good presentation - almost Gartner-like - with no cheering, people getting their haircut or new BlackBerrys to be seen. They showed pushing apps down to iPhones, iPads and Androids. Managing devices for highly regulated businesses.

No discussion on devices. They have nothing to talk about. It would not surprise me one bit if they continued to be deemphasized.
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