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Default Exch2003/BES 4.1.7 -> Exch2010/BES 5.0.2

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So currently we are amidst moving from Exch2003/BES 4.1.7 -> Exch2010/BES 5.0.2. Both Exchange 2010 and BES 5.0.2 are up and running, but not really in use yet.

I just setup the new BES server and the old one is still handling all blackberry email functions. Everything seems to be ok, but we ran into an issue when I migrated an initial test user. The migration using the transporter tool worked flawlessly. However, mail does not flow on the new device. Why? Well, basically here is what we encountered.

BES 4.1.7's blackberry admin account is different then the new installation's admin account. Therefore, I needed to go into exchange system manager for 2003 and give the new Bes service account permissions to exchange 2003, which I did. However, mail is still not flowing properly, and I assume it is because of MAPI CDO versions not matching. I installed the latest one on the new server since it would be connecting to exchange 2010 eventually, but since it doesn't match that of the 2003 exchange server, i assume that is why we are experiencing issues. Do I need to uninstall the mapicdo from the new BES server and install the same one as the old 2003 server, or could I safely just install the new one on the old exchange 2003 server?

Thoughts? We were trying to avoid downtime, but I am not sure a 100% seamless cut over is going to be possible when moving from both old BES and Exchange versions.

Thanks in advance.

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