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Default 8830 General Issues

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BB 8830 World Phone

I've had my 8830 World Phone since they were released. It was fast and held numerous applications. I could easily switch between applications while surfing the net and leaving open at least four different IM programs. I never had a problem. I have also used the phone overseas numerous times. There was never a problem.

I'm tech savvy so believe me when I tell you that I've done all the basic problem solving fixes. But I still need help.

I've been traveling but now back in the country for a few months and this is what I have experienced:

New Issues:
1) My BB is constantly pushing something down. I have always used my phone alot so I know when it is retrieving and email and when it's just pushing. Something is wrong here.

2) My phone is always locking up. Most times I need to take the battery out to reset the phone. Just this morning I picked up my phone and saw that there were emails and text messages. It took over 20 minutes for the push to stop before I could read my messages. There were no attachments to any of the messages.

3) I have deleted most of my applications to free up space. I never had issues with space in the past and had numerous applications. Now I only have a couple applications and the phone is still slow.

4) I have an 8G microSD. There are no pictures or music files on my phone memory but if I try to save a file I am not given the option to store on the microSD and I can not manually save it to the card. Yes, the card is recognized.

5) When my phone is in standby mode the "Caps" lock is initiated. This was not the case before. Now I have to click the "Caps" key before I enter my password.

Solved: Interesting enough after daylight savings and the autochange of the time I no longer have this problem.

6) I can power down my phone using the power button but I can not power up. I have to take out the battery and reinsert for the phone to initiate.

7) Sometimes my phone will not vibrate or ring. I have to reset the phone to initiate those features.

8) Sometimes when the phone rings, before the caller ID is initiated, the phone will lock up. I can not answer the phone and the caller ID is "Unkown", even when the caller is known.

9) Sometimes when I make a call from the phone list or directory it will lock up while dialing out. The call is initiated but I can not use the phone.

IMO I get the feeling RIM or Sprint is downloading something to slow my phone to push me to buy another phone.

Old / Ongoing Issues:
1) I can not use another SIM card in my phone. I bought this phone and it is mine. I want to use another SIM card while in another country but the card is not recognized. Is there any work around?

2) I don't always want to use my BB. I can not take the SIM and use in another phone. Is there any work around?

Any help on any or all of these issues would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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