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Default Re: 8830 Radio via Bluetooth Connection to Desktop Internet

Afterthought prompted by @tsac ... If you have an Alexa device, or Google's product, or whatever, just stream directly. We use Pandora on an Echo and on a Show and it's practically perfect. And as for laptop, same, just stream directly, why the need for the separate device?

About the wifi issue, some interesting history. The forums here are full of questions in the past from users at the time about their problem accessing data using wifi when they didn't have a data plan on their account. It depended on the carrier and possibly the device branding. T-Mobile was one of the exceptions, until it wasn't.

I don't remember the details now. There could be an old post of mine talking about it, or you can search the T-Mobile forums if really curious. Anyway, for a long time T-Mobile devices were capable of accessing the internet on wifi with no data plan and without even having a SIM in the device. At some point TMO released an OS upgrade, either for the 9700 or the 9900, and with that upgrade the user could only access wifi if there was a SIM with a data plan in the device.

I know because it came up on the TMO forums and I tested. It was not an issue for me, but I tested to help out. After reading about it on the forms for a long time from others on other carriers, I was able to see it for myself. Upgrade to the OS version, problem; reload the earlier OS, no problem. It even surprised the TMO mods on the forum at the time.
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