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Originally Posted by Stinsonddog
My prediction - Google will implement GPS navigation, but the question is will they upgrade their GUI to take advantage of it. If that is free, then that will pit them head on with Garmin's forthcoming release for the BB and Telenav since they all use Navteq for data.

On the other end RIM and Wayfinder use TeleAtlas for maps (but not POI's).

It can only get better for the consumer, but for now BBMaps is great for the price and so long as the party is in your address book, it's great.

I hope you're right, because Google Maps has by far the best data for Canadian users (and I presume Telenav, but for whatever reason, they aren't interested in the Canadian market).

In fact, I'm a little frustrated now: there seems to be no decent GPS solution for Canadians:

- Google Maps: best app but no GPS.
- Telenav: not interested in Canadian market.
- BB Maps: only useful GPS program and the vector graphics are lightning fast, but no voice prompts, not even text based prompts. Hopefully this will be improved (seems very easy to implement). Also, data for Canaqdian cities is lacking (many street names, including mine, are actually spelt wrong).
- WayFinder: slow raster graphics (Google Maps are much faster, for whatever reason), same poor Canadian data, and poor, slow WAP interface. Furthermore, I can't enter my province under "State or Country". I am limited to their pre-defined list of states and countries. Silly.

Not sure why I posted this here. Buit there: it's done.