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Originally Posted by dphsv View Post
Gee Ozzy you're in for a hard time alright!

The more I think about it, the more I reckon the actual fix is to set the Blackberry Timezone to "Nuku'alofa" i.e. GMT+13 for the first week of new DST, as that is what is happening in reality as opposed to the actual time changing.

In our Exchange environment at least, this would make appointments appear at the correct time, i.e. GMT+13.


Are you from new zealand?

"Nuku'alofa" is a good idea. Did you see the document Vodafone just put out?

All calander entry's that are in that period will have to be remade to pick up the correct time, obviously, just just double checking with this.

why isnt there patches for 7290's and 7100's!!!!!
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