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Originally Posted by coachmeeks
My 7130e has performed great with Pocketday. I would not want the BB without it. It has not caused any reset problems for me and the developer answers questions right away, himself.
As with all things the 7130 will be old news soon enough and something new will come in to replace it. I dont miss the resetting that I and many other Treo users experianced. The 7130e is a solid performer, RIM needs to work on options for better PIM products, but over all its a great product.
Dont discouint the smaller size, I find it much more comfortable to wear and use as a phone than the other BBs. Now with the extended battery I can travel with confidence that I wont have power issues on the road.
When my contract with Verizon is up in Dec I am sure I will look at all the options out there, but as for the moment:
"Blackberry has ben berry berry good to me"
The issues I experienced occurred when I tried to remove Pocket Day. My unit was also running slow with Pocket Day (for some reason). In removing it, the continuous resetting occurred...